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Lynda Carter Lac

Healing Body Mind and Spirit
Lynda obtained her degree at the Pacific College of Oriental Medicine in San Diego and is certified by the California Board of Acupuncture. Lynda favors the Japanese Meridian style of acupuncture; based on the classics, which is gentle and comprehensive.
We utilize lifestyle and Eastern medicine to restore and maintain balance in all aspects of your being and empower you to claim your best health and well-being.

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This ancient form of healing uses tiny needles to influence the body’s natural flow. When there is an interruption to this flow it is felt as pain, frustration, stress, or illness. Acupuncture signals messages to the body and brain to increase blood flow and oxygen giving a wonderful sense of relief and relaxation which allows the body, mind, and spirit to find their integrity and optimal function again.


Less famous but as ancient and beneficial as acupuncture, moxibustion, or simply, moxa, adds what we call yang energy into the body – it is the ancient version – and works in a similar way to something like infrared or far infrared healing. It is painless and comfortable and its healing heat penetrates into the body’s depths to increase the function of the area.


Cupping is a common modality of healing within Traditional Chinese Medicine to remove and stagnation of invasive pathogens such as cold heat wind or dampness that can alter the life energy in the body. It’s kind of like reverse deep tissue massage because it goes in deep, increases blood flow and at the same time, its suction causes the fascia to be lifted and separated untangled which results in the removal of toxins and softening of trigger points or areas of tightness.


I like to use a hybrid approach of whole food plant-based nutrition informed by Ayurveda and TCM. Around the world are Blue Zones where the population is particularly long-lived. Although their diets and cultures differ there are certain commonalities: They live in a relatively warm climate, close to the ocean – Yeah! San Diego! They eat a predominantly plant-based diet that is heavily whole food – greens, grains, beans, potatoes, and vegetables; they are people who have a purpose and sense of community and they walk a lot.

Herbal Medicine

The study of Traditional Chinese Medicine (at least in California) requires an equal emphasis on both acupuncture and herbalism. In fact, in China, herbs play the leading role in healing with acupuncture a more supportive one. The herbal remedies available are powerful and carefully formulated using a variety of herbs over millennia to enhance effects and minimize side effects. We can dropship herbs to your door should we decide together that they are suitable for you.

Mind & Body

Need help navigating the super market? We’ll work together to establish a healthy eating plan that is just right for you.

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